Your Lovability

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You are 100% lovable.

Think about it. When you were born, you were loved not for what you did, said or accomplished. You were loved just for existing.

This hasn’t changed. You are 100% worthy of all love.

Someone else loving you is about them. Not you.

Love is a feeling. And like all feelings, love comes from our thoughts. In order to receive love, you must love yourself first, be receptive to the feeling of love. And you create this from your thoughts.

The same is true of our children.

Think back to when they were born and the love you felt. It wasn’t because your child was going to get straight A’s or win the school tennis title. You loved them because they existed and were 100% worthy of love.

Somewhere along the way, society has intervened and told us we are only worthy of love based on our accomplishments, our face, our body, etc. But none of it is true. You are 100% lovable and your ability to experience that love is fully based on your own thoughts.

Another person’s capacity to love you is based on their thoughts.

We can often see this played out beautifully in teenagers. They tell us they don’t feel loved, accepted or appreciated. Yet we love them with 100% of our hearts. Their capacity to feel that love is based on their own thoughts. We cannot somehow transfer the love we have into their hearts.

So how do we help them feel this love?

We begin with ourselves.

We learn to feel love.

We practice the thoughts that help us feel love.

We learn to experience our own 100% lovability so that we have the skills to model and teach our children.

Without first practicing them ourselves, we cannot know how to effectively communicate the techniques of learning to think in a new way. We can then teach them that nothing they say or do changes the fact that they are worthy of love. We can teach them the skills of self forgiveness only after we have learned to forgive ourselves in our lives.

Spending time loving yourself is not self indulgent, conceited or a waste of time. It’s a necessity for us to be able to show up as our true 100% lovable selves ready to love others. In doing so, we learn and practice the skills to show up with love and compassion for those we love and support.

You are magnificent.

You are amazing.

And you are 100% worthy of love.

Learning to show up in this way will help you learn to express your own love as well as teach loves you love and support how to love themselves as their 100% lovable self.

If you’d like to dive deeper into learning these skills both for yourself and those you love, reach out. I can help.

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