We Are Stronger Together

Words of connection, support and love for parents of the LGBQTIA+ community.

One Word Can Change Everything

Clients come to me with many circumstances and thoughts. The difference between them is that circumstances are truths we can all agree upon whereas thoughts

Decision Fatigue

Recently I noticed I was overtired. Not the kind of tired where I’m not getting enough sleep but the weary kind that you just can’t

Creating Belonging

Belonging is a sense of fitting in, being a part of something as you are. As human beings created to exist in clans, we crave

Boundaries 101

Recently I’ve had several clients wanting help setting boundaries but were very confused as to what they are and what they aren’t. In talking to

What Does It Mean to Be Marginalized?

The word marginalized is one I hear used frequently in conversation these days, often used incorrectly. Marginalization is so much more than discrimination. According to