We Are Stronger Together

Words of connection, support and love for parents of the LGBQTIA+ community.

What Does It Mean to Be Marginalized?

The word marginalized is one I hear used frequently in conversation these days, often used incorrectly. Marginalization is so much more than discrimination. According to

Permission to Be Human

Recently I’ve been meeting with a lot of individuals who come to me beating themselves up, holding themselves to the highest standards of not only

Epic Fails As an LGBTQ+ Parent

There are unique aspects of being the parent or supporter of an LGBTQIA+ child. Whether we like it or not, there are situations, conversations and

Grieving and the LGBTQ+ family

Last week my mom died. After journeying with Alzheimer’s disease for 15 years and spending the final 6 days of her life together leaving nothing

The Day I Became a Soggy Cheeto

I recently chose to challenge Target about their marketing of a line of sweat clothes that they labeled “Boys” and “Girls” based on shades of