Sarah Kennedy Coaching

“Mom (Dad), I need to tell you something. I’m gay (transgender, lesbian, bisexual, questioning my identity).”

You may have been taken by surprise or you may have known the conversation was coming.

You may have always considered yourself open minded and accepting. But now you are having feelings you never expected.

You’re may be feeling confused and overwhelmed, afraid and helpless. You’ve read the statistics about anxiety and depression. You don’t want this for your child. You love them 100% yet still struggle to know what to do next.

I get it. That was me too. I thought there was something wrong with me for how I was feeling. I had so many questions and so little guidance.

Hello. My name is Sarah Kennedy.

I’m a certified life coach, writer, speaker and mother.

Despite being an open minded and accepting individual, I struggled with the skills to navigate the ups and downs of the unique challenges that comes with being the parent of an LGBTQIA+ child.

I placed unrealistic expectations upon myself and strove for perfection harder than ever. I criticized myself and told very few people about my internal struggles. I questioned everything about myself and my parenting.

Then I discovered coaching.

I learned how to stop comparing myself, my child and our relationship to others. I learned how to stop looking at our differences and instead celebrate our uniqueness. I learned how to care for myself and my children from a place of love rather than shame.

Now, I’m confident in our path forward.

I want to give you the tools too.

Coaching can change everything. Let me show you how.